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LPG System Installation

The installation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) equipment is one of the core services
we provide at our company, Czas LPG. We approach this process with meticulous
attention to detail and safety. Our specialists begin by thoroughly checking the
compatibility of your vehicle with the LPG system, and then proceed to install all
components according to high-quality standards.

Setting up LPG

Setting up LPG is an equally important stage, which we carry out taking into account the individual characteristics of your car. Our technicians use specialized equipment and software to fine-tune all components of the system, ensuring its optimal operation.



LPG service

LPG service is our commitment to your comfort and safety on the road. We regularly inspect and maintain your LPG system in accordance with manufacturer and legal requirements. Visit our service center, where our experienced staff will do everything possible to ensure your car runs flawlessly.


LPG installation services

Depending on the choice of LPG system components, the price may vary from the options presented.

Payback calculator

    Fuel Efficiency Calculator for LPG Installation

    Installing LPG equipment not only enhances environmental sustainability but also
    provides significant cost savings. If you’re considering LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)
    installation, you’re likely interested in determining how quickly your investment in LPG
    equipment will pay off.
    Good news – now you can calculate your savings!
    To calculate the payback period, you’ll need minimal data:
    1. Equipment cost
    2. Monthly mileage of your vehicle
    3. Gasoline consumption per 100 km
    But don’t overlook additional sources of savings from LPG installation. Due to the
    engine’s 30% lower gasoline consumption, maintenance intervals are extended.
    Moreover, gas leaves minimal residue on engine parts. Unlike gasoline, the gas-air
    mixture burns at 90% efficiency, reducing the frequency of spark plugs, valves, and
    piston replacements. Additionally, gas does not wash away the oil film from cylinder
    Consider these additional savings and proceed with your decision to install LPG!




    Approximate prices for gas equipment installation services:

    Replacement of LPG reducer

    Price: from 500 zł

    Replacement of LPG injectors

    Price: from 350 zł

    Replacement of LPG filling valve

    Price: from 200 zł

    Replacement of LPG electronic control system

    Price: from 900 zł

    Gas leak check

    Price: from 20 zł

    Replacement of LPG tank

    Price: from 850 zł

    Replacement of LPG multi-valve

    Price: from 350 zł

    LPG system maintenance

    Price: from 150 zł

    Comprehensive LPG adjustment

    Price: from 80 zł

    Replacement of LPG map sensor

    Price: from 300 zł

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      Gzas LPG

      Welcome to Czas LPG, your reliable partner for gas equipment installation in Warsaw
      and surrounding areas. We specialize in installing modern fourth-generation gas
      systems, ensuring optimal efficiency and savings for your vehicle.
      Installing LPG systems is not only about saving money but also about caring for the
      environment. Our professionals use the most reliable components from leading
      manufacturers such as LandiRenzo, BRC, A.E.B., Digitronic, KME, and others, ensuring
      the long-term safety and performance of your vehicle.
      We offer a wide range of services, including installation, maintenance, diagnostics, and
      repair of gas equipment for vehicles of all makes and models. Our experienced
      specialists will help you choose the optimal LPG system based on your needs and
      Czas LPG is not only about professionalism and quality but also convenience for our customers. Our center is located at: Warszawa, ul. Emaliowa 15. Call us at +48 733 380
      380, and our experts will answer all your questions and help arrange the installation of
      LPG systems in your vehicle.
      Entrust your vehicle to us, and you will receive reliable gas equipment, fuel savings, and
      environmental care!

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